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Wellington City Libraries and the Brazilian Embassy would like to invite you to a celebration of Brazilian culture.

Registration is required for this event due to limited capacity.

Brazil is a large country but many New Zealanders know little about it. It’s the home of the mighty Amazon, the legendary footballer Pele, and of course the source of some incredible music. Come to our introductory event to learn more about both Brazil and our library resources.

This event will be a promotion of Brazil and the many Brazilian resources the library holds within its collection – music, literature, non-fiction, language and film. It celebrates the marking of Brazil’s 200 years as an independent nation.

The Embassy of Brazil in New Zealand will be launching their publication Ngā ahurea iwi taketake = Indigenous cultures. Previously published in English the Embassy has reprinted this book to include a translation into Te reo.

This is an opportunity for anyone with an interest in Brazilian culture, language and music to come along and Discover Brazil in the Library!
Register now

The Future of Work: Why we're setting ourselves up to fail
“The future is already here — it’s just not evenly distributed.”
William Gibson

When ATMs came on the scene, economists, politicians and the media panicked. With people no longer required to give the correct change and stamp deposit slips, we were experiencing the early stages of the robot revolution. Automation was to rob bank tellers of their jobs!

The reality, however, was far more nuanced. In fact, there are more bank tellers now than ever. Rather than widespread job loss, the automation of routine tasks has allowed tellers to shift their focus to higher value tasks like customer and relationship management, financial services and sales.
Full blog post

Finding Calm a guest blog by Dr Sarb Johal
“Stop telling me to be calm!”
And anyway, why’s it so important?

You’ve had the experience of people – me included – telling you that being calm is important, right? Often, telling us to be calm produces the exact opposite effect.

For example, remember being told, ‘don’t jump on the bed’? What did you do? We jump on the bed and then we may lie about it so not to get into trouble. And for adults, just like kids,the same can also be true. It provokes the opposite reaction to what we intended. One of the most common phrases that seems to evoke the complete opposite reaction is when someone tells us to “Calm down” or “Relax!” We may become flooded with more arousal or even anger than before they said these words.
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Resource spotlight
Searching for resources

Most users of the library website will be familiar with using the search box for finding items in our catalogue.

But did you realise that if you click on the ‘Articles’ button under the search box your search will be across our databases and return a series of articles?
Try it out for yourself

New to our collection
HBR at 100 : the most influential and innovative articles from Harvard Business Review's first century

"Harvard Business Review is the foremost destination for smart management thinking. Now, at its 100th anniversary, this commemorative volume brings together the most influential ideas since its inception. With thought leaders including Michael E. Porter, W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, Rosabeth Moss Kantor, Peter Drucker, and Clayton M. Christensen, this book puts HBR's greatest concepts at your fingertips."
HBR at 100
The Black Swan Problem
The black swan problem : risk management strategies for a world of wild uncertainty
By Håkan Jankensgård

""Proactive risk management is a common buzzword nowadays and a hot topic in the corporate world. The execution, however, is not as easy as it may seem. We essentially live in a world of "wild uncertainty" instead of neat probabilities. What should managers do about it? The book explores different basic approaches -- high-level strategies -- for navigating in such a world." (Adapted from catalogue)
Stop, ask, explore : learn to navigate change in times of uncertainty
by Joan P Ball

"Your business announced a major restructuring and your role is put at risk. You just graduated into a changing marketplace. You finally have the career you always wanted, but you wonder if there is more to life than what you've built. Interruptions and disruptions will block your path throughout your journey. You need to learn to navigate them. This book offers readers a practical framework for navigating life's inevitable turning points, thresholds and transitions-at work at home and in between. -- Provided by publisher"
(Adapted from Catalogue) 

Stp Ask Explore: Learn to Navigate Change in Times of Uncertainty

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